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MedFolio is a medication management device that signifies a time when the old-fashioned “pill box” meets the 21st century. Stylish and sleek, this medication organizer will alert you to take your next dose of medications with an audible sound and a unique visual LED-lighting system.

For those patients with active lifestyles, receive your medication dosing reminders by e-mail or text messaging. In order to improve communication lines between patients, their loved ones, and healthcare providers regarding medication history, a one of a kind built-in medication identification system is right at your fingertips.

San Francisco Bay Area In-Home Pharmacy Visit Service

The MedFolio Cares Program provides patients, caregivers, and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area with a personalized way to successfully utilize the MedFolio Pillbox at home. With multiple plans to best suit your in-home medication management needs, the program helps ensure that you or your loved one takes the “right dose” of medication at the “right time.”

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Medication Management Made Easy

The MedFolio Pillbox was designed by a pharmacist who has spent countless hours in “brown bag” medication sessions with patients of all ages. Therefore, the unique physical features of the MedFolio Pillbox finally address the needs of patients, caregivers, and their healthcare providers. It was designed to keep medication identification and organization simple.

The entire device can be easily transported to every medical-related appointment or the individual pill storage boxes can be detached from the device for those individuals on the go.  The unique built-in pill identification system is a portfolio of every medication stored in the pillbox, thereby giving the patient/caregiver the confidence to engage in medication management discussions with their healthcare providers.

Two Systems of Reminders

There are two reminder systems that are installed in the MedFolio Pillbox to provide signals for scheduled medication doses.

  • Audio Alerts – At the time of a scheduled medication dose, the MedFolio Pillbox will emit an auditory beep every 2-3 seconds.
  • Visual Lighting Alerts  Along with the audio alert signal, the green circle on the front side of the MedFolio Pillbox will illuminate at the time of a scheduled medication dose. When the lid of the pillbox is opened, the compartment of the pill storage box that contains the medications for that scheduled dose will also be illuminated.

Auto Shut off After 2 Hours

After the medications have been consumed, the audio alert and visual lighting system can be physically turned off and they will remain off until the time of the next scheduled medication dose. Otherwise, the audio alert and visual lighting system will continue to be activated and will automatically shut off after 2 hours.

There is a 2-hour time frame in order for patients/caregivers to remember to take their medications before it is considered a missed dose.

Electronic Messaging System

The electronic messaging system is an optional reminder system for the MedFolio Pillbox. To aid in medication management, the MedFolio electronic reminder system provides the added benefit of sending e-mail and/or text message reminders at scheduled dosing times to patients and caregivers.  Subscribing to the electronic messaging system allows for:

  • The option to receive only e-mail reminders, only text message reminders, or a combination of both messaging systems.
  • The option for caregivers to receive e-mail and/or text message alerts if the patient has forgotten to take their medications after a pre-specified period of time.
  • The ability to capture medication adherence data by offering users an e-mail and/or text message link to record whether medication doses were taken “on time,” “late,” or “missed.” Captured data can be monitored remotely by loved ones and caregivers.

Maintain Your Busy Lifestyles without Missing Important Medications

Prevent Inaccurate Healthcare Records

It is essential that healthcare providers stay abreast of the medications that their patients are prescribed, especially if they seek care from multiple healthcare providers, medical clinics, and/or pharmacies.  Currently, medical records are usually not shared amongst healthcare providers in different offices, hospitals, and healthcare organizations.

Patients that do not take the initiative to routinely provide a list of medications to their healthcare providers can have surprisingly inaccurate medical charts.  As a result, medical chart inaccuracy can lead to detrimental medical care of the patient.

Built-in Medication Identification System

The MedFolio Pillbox is a revolutionary medication management system that provides a unique built-in medication identification system. Our medication identification tools provide the healthcare provider with a quick list of current medications, and also serve as a communication tool between the patient and the healthcare provider for more informed medication discussions.

MedFolio: Pill Organization and Alerts Made Simple

Traditional medication organizers simply store your pills for a given time. With MedFolio, your medications are clearly organized in a unit that not only alerts you at each dosing interval, but identifies each medication using our patented medication identification technology.

MedFolio: Compact, Portable and Convenient!

Some of the most important design features of the MedFolio Pillbox were the need for it to be compact and portable for easy transport to medical appointments and to provide convenience for individuals with busy lifestyles.

When you purchase a MedFolio Pillbox, a specifically-designed carrying case is provided in order to protect the device during transport.

Detach Individual Pill Storage Boxes

If you are a person on the go or are going away for a weekend jaunt and do not want to carry your MedFolio Pillbox with you, then simply detach the desired individual pill storage boxes.  To prevent confusion, each pill storage box is labeled with the day of the week. When the individual pill storage boxes are not housed in the device, e-mail and text message reminders can be utilized as reminder alerts for scheduled medication doses.

Stay Organized on the Go!

Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you can’t still properly manage your medications. Medication management and adherence is even more important when traveling away from home, and MedFolio provides you all of the necessary tools to keep your medications organized while on the go.

Ensure that the Right Pill is Taken at the Right Time

The remote adherence tracking feature was designed to assist patients, caregivers, and their families to ensure that the right doses of medications are taken at the right times. When scheduled medication doses are due to be taken, the MedFolio Pillbox can report medication adherence behavior remotely so that families have added peace of mind.  How does this work?  The dose-taking event is either recorded by the MedFolio Pillbox when the patient pushes a button to turn off the alerts or when the patient acknowledges they consumed the dose through the interactive email and text messaging reminder system.  Real-time medication dosing records are communicated to our secure cloud server so that caregivers and families can remotely determine whether medications are taken on time, late, or missed altogether by the patient.

This feature is especially helpful when caring for people who often forget or resist taking their medications.

The pillbox can be programmed by a patient’s doctor 5 miles away or a loved one living 3000 miles away using any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

The MedFolio Pillbox is designed to be simple for the patient to operate on a day-to-day basis, but also to give caregivers and loved ones the peace of mind that it is programmed and functioning correctly even when they are not around.  To help achieve this, we engineered the MedFolio Pillbox so that it can be remotely programmed.  Once the pillbox is connected to our secure cloud server and is plugged into a wall outlet at home, it can be programmed remotely using our web application by any individual that has access to the account.  The pillbox actively communicates with our server multiple times per day to check if there are any new changes to the medication regimen and downloads those changes into its memory.