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Better Care Begins with Better Medication Management

Take the right dose at the right time

The MedFolio Cares Program provides patients, caregivers, and their families in the San Francisco Bay Area with a personalized way to successfully manage medications at home. By customizing our approach to meet the lifestyle needs of each client, our program helps ensure that they take the “right dose” of medication at the “right time” every day.

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This program reassures families and healthcare providers that the medications taken at home make sense and that pillboxes are filled accurately. In the home environment, there is a benefit to the health care industry of a pharmacist’s watchful eye to make sure everything is right on the medication front. This means that medications are being taken on a regular basis, refills are ordered on time, and that there are no potential drug interactions, unwanted side effects, or duplication of therapy. These problems are prevalent in society today, especially when patients are seeing multiple doctors in multiple facilities, and utilizing the services of multiple pharmacies.

Julie Fulmer-Mason, PharmDCEO, MedFolio LLC

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