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It’s easy to get started with the MedFolio Cares Program.

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List of Medications

Pharmacist obtains a comprehensive list of all active medications from a verified source: doctor’s office, pharmacy, or home health care agency.

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Schedule Appointment

Pharmacist meets with client and/or family members/caregivers to discuss services needed.

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Medication Reconciliation

Pharmacist reconciles medication supplies in the home and matches them against actively prescribed medications from healthcare providers. Medications that have been discontinued or expired will be removed from the home and safely disposed.

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Can the client benefit from medication reminders?If so, we can install a MedFolio Pillbox with 4 weekly sets of pillboxes.

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Consultation and Plan

Pharmacist reviews how client is currently taking medications at home and develops a monthly medication management plan. Pharmacist makes recommendations to regimen to ensure that medications are taken at the right time every day to maximize efficacy and avoid the risk of potential drug interactions.

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Monthly Pillbox Management

Pharmacist provides 4 weekly sets of pillboxes to meet the needs of client’s medication regimen and fills the pillboxes on a monthly basis. Pharmacist suggests ways to make regimen easier (reducing number of doses/day) and will make sure medications are placed in the right time slots to maximize efficacy and avoid potential drug interactions.

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